Internal Medicine Prevention and Wellness
Dr. David Miloy MD
830.895.5599 1411 Water St. Kerrville, Tx 78028


Optimum Health fees are easy to understand – our costs are up front and there are no hidden costs.

Optimum Health Fees

  •         Member Age
  • 20 to 35  years
  • 36 to 45 years
  • 46-55 years
  • 56-64 years
  • 65 and older
  • Monthly Fee
  • $50
  • $60
  • $75
  • $85
  • $95

If you already have private medical insurance or Medicare you are still eligible to join Optimum Health.  Our enhanced services work well with both at no extra cost to you other than our monthly fee.  Combining Optimum Health with your existing private insurance or Medicare provides you with the best overall access and healthcare coverage.

Optimum Health MD is a premier health facility centrally located in Kerrville, TX. Our goal is to provide outstanding care and assistance in a compassionate, accessible, and supportive setting. We provide urgent care as well as consultations to our Kerrville patients and the surrounding area.