Optimum Health Internal Medicine fees are easy to understand – our costs are up front and there are no hidden costs.

Optimum Health Fees

  • Member Age
  • 20 to 35  years
  • 36 to 45 years
  • 46-55 years
  • 56-64 years
  • 65 and older
  • Monthly Fee
  • $65
  • $75
  • $90
  • $100
  • $110


The monthly fee allows us to spend more time with you, give you same day access to me, permit us to be a strong advocate for you in coordinating your care and finally helping us innovate/improve on how health care is delivered to you.   Combining Optimum Health with your existing private insurance or Medicare provides you with the best and most affordable healthcare coverage.

Direct Primary Care Fees for Uninsured Patients

Monthly Fee

Age 20-40                       $100/month
Age 41-65                       $130/month
Age >65                          $145/month