Obesity Epidemic

Over two thirds of American adults are overweight or obese.  The average annual cost to the obese (BMI>30) individual is approximately $4500.   Over a lifetime obese people will die prematurely and pay approximately $100,000 more in medical expenses.

Balance MD by Dr.  David Miloy MD combats this epidemic by applying:


  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Science & Technology
  • Long term support
  • Personal Growth



Program Specifics

Chances are you have lost weight only to regain it back.  It’s frustrating and discouraging.  Dealing with relapse is a major focus of the Balance MD program.  Balance MD recognizes that treating obesity is very complex.  This is why popular weight loss programs fail.  Each individual’s path to wellness is unique.  Balance MD is a personalized approach to weight loss which helps you master eating, relapse and connecting your personal values to your lifestyle.

The Balance MD program consists of four phases:


  • Personal Momentum Phase
  • Mastery Phase
  • Wellness Phase
  • Maintenance Phase


Personal Momentum Phase

  • Weight loss goal 10- 12 lbs in the first month.
  • We meet weekly one on one during the first month.
  • Are you actually ready? We don’t start unless you are sure the motivation to begin is coming from you and not something or someone else.  Why do you want to lose weight?
  • What are your weight loss goals?
  • We start with your weight loss history:
    • Review weight loss/gain history.
      • Review past weight loss attempts.
      • Why did past weight loss attempts fail?
        • Lack of long term support?
        • Lack of preparation and skills to cope with relapse?
        • Lack of specific dietary guidelines?
          • Lack of tools to help raise your awareness regarding these guidelines?
        • Address individual medical needs.
        • Try to replace or reduce medications contributing to weight gain.
      • Establish eating “Rule of the Road” to avoid feeling deprived.
      • Increase mental, physical and emotional well-being.
      • Establish belief that you can succeed.

Mastery Phase

  • Weight loss goal 15-20 lbs.
  • Meet every other week for two months.
  • Address personal barriers to change.
  • Master eating and exercise strategies.
  • Focus on personal values and live more consistently from them.


Wellness Phase

  • Weight loss goal of 15-20 lbs or reach weight loss goal.
  • Meet monthly for three months and master relapse scenarios.
  • Reinforce self- correcting mechanisms for maintaining weight loss permanently. Buy new clothes!

Maintenance Phase

  • Provide long term support.
  • Experience relapse and apply self-correcting strategies when it occurs.
  • Gain confidence and long term success.

A Broken Medical System

Under the current medical system the more ill you are, the more doctors are paid.

Given that obesity causes a multitude of health issues, physicians are not sufficiently encouraged to treat the overweight or obese patient.


More emphasis on prevention and wellness is needed.   People suffering from obesity pay a high cost physically, emotionally and financially.   It’s time for change.

My commitment with the Balance MD program is to help you find your path and stay on it by respecting your unique journey.   Your values, habits, emotions, relationships and purpose in life are keys to your long term success.   You are here to change and get better.  It’s my commitment to help you do so.

Let’s begin!

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Balance MD


No financial or other forms of compensation/inducement were given to the following patients for their testimonials by Optimum Health, Dr.  Miloy or any other identity with an affiliation with Optimum Health or Dr.  Miloy.

I lost 30 lbs, feel and look better than I have in years.   I like the improved man I see staring back in the mirror.   My cardio health is dramatically improved and I now have the energy to do the things I want to.  My blood tests are the best they have been in 30 years!

All of the above is  the result of the Balance MD program supervised by Dr.  Miloy.   Not only does he provide motivation and support, but he helps you change your thinking which leads to lasting results.

Take the plunge, it’s well worth the effort!  I am more than happy to share my experience with you!”

Jim Musso


“What a difference life with Dr M makes!   We are both down more than 65 pounds, are exercising regularly and are honestly changing our lives and outlook.  My husband, who has COPD, is off daytime oxygen and is breathing easier.  I am completely off blood pressure meds and have halved my cholesterol dosage.   Dr Miloy has worked with us, one on one, and provided encouragement, humor, coaching, and tough talk (when needed).   He genuinely cares about our health. It’s not always easy to change your life but the program is comprehensive and is designed for you to win.”

Harry & Kathy Topping

“Two years ago my blood pressure was 188/122 and I was 50 lbs overweight.  My stress level was high and I was unhappy with my health and appearance.   It was extremely helpful to have regular appointments and accountability with a doctor.   I was able to quickly lose the weight without feeling deprived and keep it off.   I learned how to identify the foods that caused my weight gain and easily avoid them.”

Juliane Smith